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Yayvo has always strived to demonstrate his artistic abilities through music. He became influenced by well-known artists such as Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac. Having grown up in the Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento, California, Yayvo never expected to be given the opportunity to create music of his own. For years, he was met with many social and financial challenges. Despite such challenges, his parents provided him with the tools necessary to cultivate his natural talent.

During his middle school years, his talent quickly became recognized by his friends and family after releasing his first song, "It’s All About Me." The song expressed Yayvo's tendency to the old school West Coast hip hop style.

Yayvo initially formed a small music group known as "Young Loyal Fellaz" with a close friend from school. After a few years, he left the group in order to pursue his solo career. He recorded five songs of various genres such as hip hop and R&B. The songs were sold as demos throughout California, creating a sense of statewide recognition. At fifteen years old, Yayvo became a high school sensation of sorts. This further motivated him to create a studio at his own home, where he continued to write and produce captivating music. While he knew of his local success, Yayvo felt the need to expand his fan base: to share his unique style with more people.

With such unyelding motivation, Yayvo was able to perform at local parties and clubs around the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The acknowledgement he acquired from his fan base increased, but Yayvo wanted to ensure its continual expansion. Today, Yayvo devotes his life to writing, producing, and releasing new music. He has released his first 16 track album titled "Be Who You Needed".